General Vipera is a viper/fallen angel-themed Serpentian General.


Power Level:

1,000 (1st Form) 500,000 (Giant Satan Form)

Mega ForceEdit

She is killed by The Dark Avenger Battle Borg's Dark Drill Break and The Solaris Element Battle Borg's Solaris Sword Slash. She is voiced by Willem Dafoe.


"Blue Element Fighter, Dark Avenger...You and your friends stand for everything I hate! Goodness, kindness, honesty, decency! I will kill all of you! Even if it takes every last ounce of my life to do so!" - Vipera's last words in her 1st form after Harry used his Solaris Earth Hammer Crush and Mark used his Sword of Darkness Slash, until finally being killed by a mere hammer crush from Harry. 

"After all I've done for Serpentos, he now thinks I'm a TRAITOR!?" - Vipera upon escaping the Serpentian Castle after killing the Slithings that were pursuing her, she ends up in the Anna Woods Cemetary.