Lord Serpentos is the King Cobra-themed first main antagonist of The Mega Force. His name is a pun on the scientific name of snakes. 


Power Level:

1,000,000 (1st Form/Normal Size Form/Human Disguise Form) 5,000,000 (2nd Form/Normal Size Form) 10,000,000 (3rd Form/Normal Size Form) 15,000,000 (Final Form/True Form/Normal Size Form) 100,000,000 (Giant Mars Serpent Mode)


He is the son of The Eternal Serpent.

First Invasion On EarthEdit

He made his first attempt to conquer Earth during the Late Miocene Epoch.

First DeathEdit

He was killed by the first Mega Force.

A Ghost Finding A HostEdit

He is in search of finding a host.

Second Invasion On EarthEdit




  • "HOW DARE YOU RETURN WITHOUT THE SOLARIS LIGHTS!! YOU'RE A PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A GENERAL!! I'M FINISHED WITH YOU!! ONCE AND FOR ALL!! " - Serpentos about to eat Taipanox with his arm turned into a snake's head while biting Taipanox's arm at the same time, until Culibra asks her husband to give Taipanox one more chance, thus causing Serpentos to lets go of Taipanox's arm.
  • "Who's next? HA HA HA HA!! Oh, does little brother want a piece of me too? HA HA HA HA!!" - Serpentos mocking a crying Max after Mark's assumed death.   
  • "What are you waiting for? Get them! And do not return without them." - Serpentos telling Taipanox that if he doesn't get The Solaris Lights, he will be exiled from The Serpentian Caslte forever.