Max Stuart III (born August 17, 2000) is the third and current Red Element Fighter. He is the son of Max Stuart II and Megan Stuart.

Max Stuart III


August 17, 2000

Power Level:

20 (Normal Form) 100 (Element Fighter Form)

Early LifeEdit

When he was a year old, his parents lended him and his nine year old brother to their grandparents, Max Stuart I and Emma Stuart, so they could fight Serpentos, the Serpentian Empire, and a horde of other villains. The moment Megan and Max got in that car and drove off on a rainy night, they never came back. When he was 4 years old, he met and had a crush on Britney Johnson, who would later grow up to be The Third Pink Element Fighter. He also met his future team mates Harry Anderson/The Third Blue Element Fighter, Rick Jones/The Third Green Element Fighter with his sister Angela Jones/The Third Yellow Element Fighter, at the time of when he met his future love interest.

Mega ForceEdit

In high school he took boxing classes. His element is Fire. His Element Beast is The Lion Element Beast. His Dino Element Beast is The Tyrannosaurus Element Beast. His Mytho Element Beast is The Dragon Element Beast. He is portrayed by Logan Lerman. He is voiced by Junko Takeuchi in the Japanese dub of the franchise.