Mark Stuart II (born September 14, 1991) is The Dark Avenger and is Max Stuart's older brother.

Mark Stuart II


September 14, 1991

Power Level:

1,000 (Element Fighter Form)

Early LifeEdit

He was happily living with his parents, even when his brother was born. But all of that happiness was shattered when his father and mother had to go save the world, but they never came back.

Mega ForceEdit

He worked for the Anna Woods Defense Force as a soldier. His element is Darkness. His Element Beast is The Tiger Element Beast. His Dino Element Beast is The Spinosaurus Element Beast. His Mytho Eement Beast is The Two-Headed Dragon Element Beast. He is portrayed by Thomas Dekker.


  • "It's okay, you can carry on for me! I believe in you! I'm proud of you Max, AND I ALWAYS WILL BE!!" - Mark's assumed last words before he falls into the crevasse that Serpentos made in the center of Central Anna Woods City with his scepter.